Duncan SaundersUniversity of North Carolina Lacrosse
Allie ReillyBrown University Soccer
Louis DiffogioAdult Fitness – LOST 105LBS!!
Alex DobzinskyUniversity of Colorado Ice Hockey
Cal GrazianoElizabethtown Soccer
Gabbi Bennet3 Varsity Sport Starter as a 9th grader
Liz WestergaardAdult Fitness – Hiked 20 mile Adirondack Mountains
Ryan LagoCollege of NJ Soccer


“The Gomez Family encourages everyone to benefit from the positive experience of working with Evan. Our girls Sabrina,Gabriella, and Francesca (Marcie included) have improved tremendously in their overall health and fitness with the programs developed by Evan for them. The additional marked improvement in their athletic performance in various sports (Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Basketball) has been dramatic! Evan’s positive attitude and genuine concern for the girl’s makes them look forward to “climbing the stairs” to his training room.  We will continue to utilize his expertise throughout our lives in Hopewell.

—William Gomez, MD – Team Physician,
Trenton Thunder, Trenton Freedom, TCNJ, HVCHS

Our daughter began participating in PEAC Performance’s speed & agility sessions with her 12U all-star softball team and has continued with the program on her own for the last 3 years. As a high school freshman last year, her training at PEAC Performance helped to take her athletic abilities to the next level and gave her the edge she needed to excel on 3 varsity teams. Since she plays a sport each season in high school, Evan put together a strength training and aerobic endurance program specifically to suit her needs before each tryout. These workouts, along with the speed & agility training and ACL strengthening, prepare her not just physically, but mentally. They give her the confidence she needs to succeed. Evan takes the time to know each child personally and does everything he can to help them reach their goals, whether it be to train for a specific sport, lose a few pounds, or just try bring out that inner athlete. There is structure here that the kids love to follow. When you see some of the same faces returning each season, you know you have found something special.

—Frank & Patti Bennett,
Proud parents of a 14 yr old Steinert High School Varsity Softball, Basketball & Tennis Player

My son Joe start at PEAC Performance to get him ready for football…..little did we know, he has not only  received the readiness but way so much more!! A year and a half later (we only planned on having him there a few months but he loves it so much that I couldn’t possibly deny him!) he has gained more than speed, strength, agility and endurance, he has a full six pack of abs, a lifetime of good fitness habits, gained some great friendships and his self esteem has flourished. Joe reaped major results from the program and really looks forward to going. When we started, he was slow and a bit uncoordinated at certain balance drills…..he now is #1 on the PEAC Performance Challenge Board. I even love the program for myself when I need a change from bootcamp or my own routine, getting ready for my next Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, I cant possibly sing enough praises for the program….love, love, LOVE it!

—Tracy Cranstoun-Crozier,
Proud Parent of a 14 yr old Ewing High School Football Player

The trainers at PEAC performance have helped me in the college soccer recruiting process and with preseason preparation. I am a believer in the training style and the people who work here. If you invest in yourself, the trainers here will invest in you. Every time I leave a training session I feel a sense of accomplishment and comfort knowing that for the past hour I pushed myself to my breaking point, but I got to do it while spending time with my friends.

—Allie Reily,
19 yr Old Brown University Varsity Soccer

My son Ashwin signed up for PEAC Performance fitness training because of his tennis coach Glendon Nicholas’ recommendation. Ashwin’s PEAC Performance fitness training program is individualized to optimize his Tennis performance by working on varied aspects of his athletic performance. He has developed improved foot speed, reaction time, balance, strength and endurance through his training regimen. He is challenged at every single session to extend the ceiling of his capability. Thanks to his off season training, Ashwin is going to start the new season with a definite advantage.

—Angela Suvarna,
parent of 13 yr old athlete

PEAC Performance:
…where plates are pushed, not washed
…where weights are lifted, not watched
…where bears and inchworms rule
…where suicides are the norm
…where 17 is THE unlucky number
…where there is only one king
…and where Chris Cahill hasn’t been spotted in years!
PEAC Performance…it’s not a gym, it’s pure friggin’ hell!

—Steve Faber,
50 yr. old Adult Functional Fitness Training participant for 5 years

I am incredibly impressed with Evan and the team of trainers that he has around him. We’ve sent two of our high school age kids to Evan and their experience could not have been better. Evan is professional, positive and knows his stuff! He works with them so well—he knows just how much to push them to keep them always reaching beyond their comfort zone, all the while encouraging every step of the way.

—Pedro Govantes,
parent of a 17 yr old baseball player and a 15 year old Female Fitness and Track Athlete

Four years ago I had snuck up on 196 pounds. I was able to increase my exercise regimen and get to 185 pounds after about a year on my own. Looking to improve on my golf game, fitness, and weight loss, I enrolled in Par Breakers (a program ran by peac performance). Within weeks my core strengthened and my attitude towards fitness changed. I then ramped things up by enrolling in the Functional Training Class and admit, I am addicted and have been for more than three years. This program is the spearhead of my fitness regimen and sets the tone each week. Now a total four years later I am at my goal body weight of 160 pounds (+/- a few from weekend escapades) and in the best shape I’ve been since my college days. Yes, discipline and life style modifications are key, but the Functional Fitness Program is challenging, provides camaraderie, and makes getting and then staying fit fun.

—Rob “Benny” Benford,
50 yr. old Adult Functional Fitness Training participant for 5 years

I have been working out the same way for countless years; essentially able to maintain my strength, but not really improving my physique. I joined PEAC performance’s Functional Fitness training classes last year and was surprised to see such positive results. I found the overall training and personal attention both challenging and impactful. Also, Evan and his team of trainers have taught me how to supplement my home regimen as well. I’m in my second year with PEAC Performance and know that without the classes and attention, I’d still be plugging along with little benefit.

—Marco Vietty,
45 yr. old Adult Functional Fitness Training participant

My classes at PEAC Performance are a perfect companion to my running and tennis.

—Rose Santin,

Jenny Long, 41 yr old participant in the Functional Fitness Training Program for 3+ years. Group Functional training at Peac Performance has made me stronger in my forties then I was in my twenties and thirties. Evan makes the workouts challenging, never boring, and at the same time always fun!

—Jenny Long,
40 yr old participant in the functional fitness program for 3+yrs

I have been training with PEAC Performance for at least 5 years. The program has improved my fitness from head to toe and I love that it is friendly and never boring. The class has helped me grow stronger and more confident to take on other physical challenges outside of class. Also, as a runner in her 40’s, I so appreciate conditioning that helps me not get injured.

—Kate Nagar, 40’s yr old participant in the functional fitness program for 5+yrs

I am a huge fan of Evan and the trainers at PEAC Performance. They do a fantastic job of creating workouts that have improved my strength (especially core) and endurance. At 47 I am as fit as I have ever been in my life. At PEAC Performance the trainers you never do the same workout twice so going to the gym does not become routine. And PEAC Performance trainers motivate me to train much harder than I would on my own. In addition, I have never met anyone in a class that was not a great person. I have been a client for 4+ years training twice a week at 6 am. Just that fact alone really says everything you need to know about the quality of the experience.

—Dan Auslander,
47 yr old participant in functional fitness training


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