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PEAC Performance specializes in sport-specific training by creating pre-season, off-season, and in-season training and strength and conditioning. The programs cater to the needs of the athletes and help them get speed, gain agility and increase their strength. Athletes that train with PEAC Performance see real results!

What we can offer:

  • Team Training
  • Speed & Agility Clinics
  • Dynamic warm-ups before practices
  • Educating athletes on ways to stay healthy inside and out
  • Educating athletes on ways to stay strong and reduce the risk of injury
  • Articles for your website on: nutrition, injury prevention, cross-training, and more.

During Season:

  • Team speed and agility clinics at a low-cost per athlete
  • Sports Performance Trainers can run speed and agility warm-ups and drills at practice

Pre-Season / Off Season:

  • Teams/Groups of athletes can come to our facility and train with Peac Performance.
  • Individual athletes can train in small groups or privately to prepare for season

“The key to building strength and preparing for the demands of your up-coming season will be what you do in your off-season.”

To maximize this time, you should consider a program design that involves the use of periodization, which is the varying or cycling of training specificity, intensity, and volume to achieve peak levels of conditioning. Planned variations of the program design variables associated with exercise help athletes avoid staleness and overtraining while encouraging continuous adaptations to progressively more demanding training stimuli. These scheduled modifications apply to all types of training, although they are frequently associated with resistive training programs.

Off-season training is usually the longest training period and occurs during the time of year when there are no competitions and only a limited number of sport-specific skill practices or game strategy sessions. The major emphasis of this period is establishing a base level of conditioning to increase the athlete’s tolerance for more intense training. Conditioning activities begin at a relatively low intensities and high volumes: long, slow distance running or swimming, low-intensity plyometrics, and high repetition resistance training with light to moderate resistances. As the preparatory phase unfolds, cycles are designed to gradually increase resistance training loads and sport-conditioning intensity, decrease training volume, and give more attention to sport technique training.


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