How Do I Get Started?

Call the facility of your choice and set up a health/fitness or sports performance evaluation. This allows us to meet you, talk about what your goals are, determine if you have any injuries or limitations, and then we do a variety of tests to see what your current fitness or athletic abilities are. This gives us baseline data to track your improvements and it also allows us to recommend and start developing what program is best for you.

What Is The Typical Session Like For Athlete's?

The first 5-10 minutes is spent on warming up the athlete with dynamic exercises. This gets the body ready to run, jump, sprint, change direction and more. Then all different training modalities are applied, whether they are agility drills, plyometrics, cardiovascular conditioning, speed drills, strength training, or flexibility work, all of this is dependent on the athlete’s goals and weaknesses. The session is always finished with Core and Flexibility work.

How Long Is A Session For Athlete's?

We have two different programs:

A) One only includes speed, agility, plyometrics, core and flexibility work, which typically lasts for one hour (60 min).

B) The second includes all of the previous things plus a sport specific strength training program which usually takes another hour for the athlete to complete (90-120 minutes).

We determine which program is right for you after we complete the performance evaluation and see what type of training the athlete’s body is ready for.

Are The Sessions Specific To Each Individual's Goals?

Yes! There would be no point in doing an evaluation if this was not the case. We first learn about each athlete and then cater everything we do around what their goals/needs are.

Do You Only Train Athlete's?

NO! We train adults looking to improve overall fitness, kids looking to stay active and establish healthy lifestyles. We are about 50% athletes and 50% general fitness.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Train At PEAC PERFORMANCE?

We start our athletes off at around 6-7 years or age, depending on maturity and capability levels and we have trained people 77 years young.

Do You Have Discounts For Family Members?

Yes, the second family member gets a 10% discount and then from there on, each additional family member gets another 5% discount off our packages.

Do You Train Teams & Will You Come To Their Facility?

YES! We train a variety of soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and more. We can train the teams at our facility or at the location of the team’s choice, whatever works best for the entire team.

How Many People Are Needed To Be Considered A Team?

To be considered a team there must be at least 6 athletes in the group, and there is a significant discount in our team training prices.

When I Purchase A Package of Sessions, Do They Expire?

Your sessions don’t expire.

What Do I Do If I Need To Cancel A Session?

You can either call or email to cancel a session (admin@onlinefitlife.com). Our policy is as long as there is a 24 hour notice, the client will not be charged for the session. This is our policy because we like to make sure groups never get bigger than 6:1 athlete to trainer ratio, so we can continue to offer our individual attention.

Personal Training Only, Or Do You Have Memberships As Well?

We are not just a training company. We offer a variety of fitness and athletic memberships.


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