Core Training To Enhance Sports Performance Ability

In order to answer this question we must first understand the function of the core during movement. For our purposes consider the core as the muscles, superficial and deep, in the abdomen, back, glutes and hips. During a movement the core is used as a link that transfers forces throughout the body. The more efficient the transfer of force is, the better the athlete can perform. Now, let’s discuss the best way to train this transfer of force for sport specific movements and lifting movements performed in the weight room.

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Contrast Water Therapy For Aiding Recovery

If you love working out, chances are you have a love/hate relationship with the day after soreness. Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, commonly occurs after individuals engage in highly strenuous exercise. This soreness can last several days, typically peaking discomfort during the first 24-72 hours post exercise. The soreness can reduce one’s function and even inhibit one’s ability to engage in subsequent exercise the following days. Although many methods of alleviating DOMS are popular in fitness culture, Contrast Water Therapy (CWT) can be identified as a fan favorite. CWT

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Cardiovascular Deconditioning

Ever wonder why when you take 1 or 2 weeks off of exercising, why it is so hard on your cardiovascular system when you do come back to exercising? Do you really fall out of shape that fast? Unfortunately, the answer is YES: mae oversees its mortgage Cardiovascular deconditioning is exactly what it sounds like; it is the body’s cardiovascular conditioning declining. After 2 weeks of not exercising, on average, your VO2 Max (your body’s ability to utilize oxygen for energy, which is the best indicator of your cardiovascular fitness)

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FOAM ROLLING – Why, When and What It Actually Does?

Foam rolling has become a popular trend in the fitness and sports performance field, and rightfully so. But did you ever wonder what it actually does or when you should be foam rolling? These questions will be answered for you below: your credit history pioneer  Why should I foam roll and what does it do?                  When you work out, you cause microtears to your muscles and you need your body to supply enough blood to the area so it provides enough nutrients to help these small tears repair and

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PERIODIZATION – What is it and why it is important to understand

Periodization can be defined as the process of varying a training program at regular time intervals to bring about optimal gains in physical performance. There is a syndrome called “GAS”, which stands for General Adaptation Syndrome. This refers to the adaptations the muscles in your body make when working out with the same exercises, weights and repetitions over and over again. This adaptation will prevent the body from making gains in whatever your training goals are; cardiovascular fitness, strength, or sports performance aspects. Training plateaus can be very frustrating and

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There is a startling number out there that 80% of people experience chronic back pain throughout their life. Some pain can be slight and annoying to extreme and debilitating. Most people just search for the short term cure and relief of the pain and never look at the root cause of this pain. Below you will be able to see 5 things that will contribute to low back pain, and if you are part of the 80% of people experiencing this discomfort, hopefully this can help you minimize its frequency

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How young is too young? online loan direct lender Why is it important to start at an early age? Sports Performance Training vs. Fitness Training, What is the difference? Why not just let my kids go outside and play?  All of the previous questions are great concerns that every parent/guardian may want to know the answers to, and will be addressed:  1)            How young is too young? Most research would tell you that when a child is ready to follow directions then they are ready to participate in a structured

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An Outstanding Story of An Outstanding Woman and Member of PEAC Performance

HERE IS THE ROOT OF ALL REASONS WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: “Greetings from the Desk of the 56 year old woman, athlete, and proud member of PEAC Performance On the way to work this morning I was reflecting on my PEAC Performance journey.  It is difficult to describe fluently.  But I want to give it a try.  I don’t know if you remember our first encounter?  I do, I will never forget it. I was impressed about your immediate return phone call when I expressed an interest. This guy means

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POST WORKOUT MEAL – What Should It Be, How Important Is It, and What is A Replenish Window

Next to breakfast, probably the most important meal of the day is what you are eating post workout. Not only is it important what you eat, but when you are eating it (The Replenish Window), and how the calories are broken down in the meal is very important. To help you better understand why, here is a brief description of the body following intense exercise. Right after you workout the body goes in to a catabolic state, which means the body is breaking down its own muscle to fuel itself

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PEAC Performance’s Top 10 Exercise For A Strong Core

They key to a strong core is by making sure you strengthen all of the muscles in the abdominal wall (transverse abdominals, rectus abdominis, the internal and external obliques) and the lower back. Strengthening one without the other can increase one’s risk of injury and will also prevent the entire CORE from being as strong as it could be. There are 3 different planes in which the exercises should be done to make sure all of these muscles are used; the frontal plane (example-side bridges), the sagittal plane (example – crunches

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