Personal Evaluation



Personal Fitness Evaluation
Before you become an official PEAC Performance member, PEAC Performance performs a comprehensive, personalized evaluation to establish your starting point and help you determine challenging but attainable fitness goals and milestones going forward. How do you prefer to work out? What stumbling blocks have you experienced in the past? What are your current goals? Do you have any injuries/limitations we need to know.

Sports Performance Evaluation
Designed specifically for the athlete, all new athletes that sign the pledge to commit to be a part of the PEAC Performance program must complete a comprehensive evaluation before beginning their training. This allows PEAC Performance to meet the athlete and learn everything about them. Have you ever lifted weights or done speed and agility training? What are your current goals? What are your limitations? Are we coming back from any injuries? When was the last time you trained for a specific event?

You will then perform a variety of tests. The tests will include, but not be limited to, speed, agility, power, strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, and core strength. After the assessment is complete, PEAC Performance will review your results. This baseline data will allow us to design a program that will address certain weaknesses, goals, and track the individual’s progress. You will be provided with a complete packet after each re-evaluation and assessment outlining your gains and new goals. Schedule your assessment today.


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Important: Any information collected are held with the upmost privacy.